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We are always asked advice on where to go, where to eat and other things to do in Watamu by our kiters. With so many places and so much to do we thought we'd give you the Tribe low down on all our favourite places along with some helpful contacts who can get you where you need to go. Check out the Tribe Guide to Watamu below. Where to eat The place: Amici Miei at Mwambi Lodge (Italian) What's not to be missed: Basically all the starters! (They are amazing). Other personal favourites include the mwambi calzone pizza, mushroom steak and

One of the things that makes Watamu, Kenya's top kitesurfing destination is the diverse range of conditions provided by the different locations in and around the area. We have something to suit all types of kiters, from beginners to advanced riders, for wakestyle and foilers, surfers and freestyle riders. Sandbars with glassy flat water, knee to waist deep lagoons and pumping swell all serve to make Watamu Kenya's leading kitesurfing destination due to its diversity. In addition to this fantastic range of locations the wind is notoriously stronger in the area compared to the rest of the

Women's Kitesurfing in Watamu Having kited for the past 17 years and from working around the world in numerous kite schools, one thing is quite evident about kitesurfing and that is it is a largely male dominated sport. From instructing kitesurfing to competing in events, numbers of females have been relatively low when compared to males. Although in recent years the tide seems to be turning (excuse the pun!)   Here in Watamu and particularly over the last year we have seen a big shift in the number of women participating in the sport. We have a great

Kenya's Best Kitesurfing Spot: Watamu Check out our latest edit. Aerial footage seems like common place these days but what better way to showcase the best flat water riding location in Kenya, Watamu. This spot like many others in the Watamu area offers great flat water riding, which is ideal for those looking to push their freestyle ability and learn new tricks. If you are looking to visit Watamu for kitesurfing then get in touch! We can arrange accommodation & transfers and offer a host of other activities to complete your holiday. Whether you are a beginner or

Its that time of year again, time to get stoked for another Watamu Kitesurfing Camp. These camps are aimed at getting kite surfers together in a group to explore, improve and have a good time out on the water. Hosted in Watamu we will explore the nearby coastline by offering a number of down winders and excursions throughout the week.  This time around we are partnering up with Cross Kite Holidays, who specialise in good living kitesurfing holidays, they can put on a range of yoga sessions and exercise routines for you over the course of the

After dating an avid kitesurfer for 9 years you would assume I would be a pretty good kitesurfer myself right….. well think again. How about if said boyfriend has been a kitesurfing instructor as long as I’ve known him – surely I should be fairly competent right …… hmmmmm not so much. Well surely moving to Kenya 3 years ago to set up a kitesurfing school with him would have been motivation to learn right?? Yeaaaahhh, ummm well, time just kind of got away from me. Well finally all those students & kiters who come through

Tribe are very happy to announce the opening of their brand new Kitesurfing & SUP centre in Watamu. We are now based on the main road right opposite Watamu's best kiting spot. Our new location will allow us to offer a much better service to all kitesurfers & SUPers visiting Watamu. Our new centre is fully equipped with the following facilities: Classroom Male & Female WC and showers, TV & Xbox chillout area, Larger equipment storage Outdoor chill area Refreshments for purchase Free WiFi access Each month we will also be hosting a social get together BBQ at our new spot, more details on

This August Tribe Watersports is launching its coaching camps. These camps are aimed at getting Kitesurfers together in a group to explore, improve and have a good time out on the water. Hosted in Watamu we will explore the nearby coastline by offering a number of downwinders and excursions throughout the week. Whatever it is you are looking to get out of the week individual rider improvement is a large focus. If it is learning the latest trick you have  been struggling with or just improving your transitions and carves, our head coach Ben Kelliher will

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