Wakeboarding & Waterski Kenya With Tribe Watersports

Wind or no wind, Mida Creek offers the best conditions for Wakeboarding and Waterskiing in Kenya. With the calm mornings we experience in the Kaskazi season or sheltered by the mangrove forest in the Kuzi season there is always an opportunity for a tow. Tribe Watersports has a Mallards Classic 210 Ski Boat with a 200hp engine ready to pull all riders out of the water for their activity of choice. The Jobe addict wakeboarding tower makes it easier for beginners to get up and ride whilst also allowing the pros out there to get big air over the wake. All sessions are run by a BWSF Ski boat driver and Wakeboard/Water Ski instructor.

Wakeboarding & Waterski Kenya Details & Prices

30 Mins: $80 (subject to availability)

1 hour: $140

2.5 Hrs: $325

5hrs: $600

Prices listed are total cost, not per person


All the following items are available to use during your session:

  • Wakeboards Kids/Adult
  • Dual Skis Kids/Adult
  • MonoSki Adult
  • Wakeskate
  • Donuts
  • Hydrofoil

What are you waiting for! Come Wakeboarding & Waterski Kenya

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