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Crosskite Kitefit Camp Watamu

Crosskite Watamu

Crosskite Kitefit Camp Watamu

Kitefit Camp

Crosskite with be joining us at Tribe Watersports to offer a fantastic camp in Watamu in January 2015!

Our focus for this camp will of course be the kitesurfing, and you will enjoy this part like nowhere else! For our advanced riders the conditions provide excellent opportunities to just freeride in an incredibly beautiful environment, to progress in their freestyle tricks in perfectly flat water or to improve their waveriding skills in the little swell out on the reef. For our beginners the conditions could not be better either: a large sandbar going out almost to the reef gives us the option to teach at every tidal condition, enabling students to stand in the water on the sand at all times.


As the wind always only kicks in at midday, the mornings leave us time for other activities: stand up paddleboarding and kayaking to see the beautiful sealife with turtles, baby sharks or dolphins; wakeboarding on the flat water of Mida Creek; a relaxing float through the Mangroves at the receding tide; or just a sleep in for the holiday feeling! Obviously we will not forget our fitness sessions, and the best time for those is in the morning when the temperature is a little bit cooler. The sandy beach, the big rocks on it and the almost wild strip of nature right behind with hills and climbing trees give us lots of natural tools and areas to create a versatile and fun playground to train and get fit!

But as Watamu and its surroundings are areas calling for adventure, we will not strictly focus on our kitesurfing and fitness program. According to what our participants feel like doing, our activities plan includes 2 days of safari, a visit at the snake farm, a sail on a dhow (traditional Kenyan boat), a downwinder from Malindi to Watamu, and deep sea fishing!

For the camp we will be working together with Tribe Watersports, the local kite school based at Medina Palms Resort. Our beginners will be taught by their internationally qualified and excellent instructors. They will also provide us with a safety boat, rental gear, stand-up-paddleboards, kayaks or windsurfing equipment.



All of our packages include accommodation in one of our beautiful beach houses. Included in the accommodation package are a cook, housekeeping and laundry service. Check out the pics below to get an idea of only how beautiful our house there is!

We offer packages for every level, and all the packages for 10 days (9 nights) include:

10 days/9 nights Accommodation
7 days of kitesurf and fitness coaching
Kite service by Watamu Kite Club: Safety Boat, Beach Safety and Assistance
Airport transfers from and to Mombasa
Free SUP hire
Downwinder: Malindi-Watamu

Additional activities include:

Deep Sea fishing
Snake farm
Kitesurf lessons- and rental
Sundowner Dhow trip

Our packages are divided into 3 levels of coaching:

BEGINNERS (double/single)
INTERMEDIATE (double/single)
ADVANCED (double/single)

For those of you who want to experience kitesurfing for the first time with us we have organised courses with the experienced instructors from our local partner, Tribe Watersports. The offer is to start with a 3-day course, which runs for 3-4 hours each day. It follows the BKSA (British Kitesports Association) course structure. After 3 days of theory, practice on land, practice on water without and with the board it can be assessed individually what everyone needs to continue. Once you are independent and safe on the beach, you can take part in our daily on-the-water-coaching.

Beginners Double:
3 days beginner course (kite lessons + gear included)
Accommodation in a shared room in our Beach House (Twin room or double room)

Beginners Single:
3 days beginner course (kite lessons + gear included)
Accommodation in a single room in our Beach House

Our intermediate packages are for those of you who are independent riders and who want to progress in their riding and their tricks, from stance to toeside riding, to jumps, rotations, grabs, loops etc. We provide 7 days of coaching, up to 4 hours in the afternoon once the wind kicks in. For those of you who don´t have your own gear, you have the option to rent the whole kit from Tribe Watersports.

Intermediate Double:
7 days  coaching sessions (gear not included) THE CHEAPEST OFFER!
+ Option kitesurf rental €275 for 7 days
Accommodation in a shared room in our Beach House (Twin room or Double Room)
€650 (€925 with kitesurf rental)

Intermediate Single:
7 days coaching sessions (gear not included)
+ Option kitesurf rental 275 € for 7 days
Accommodation in a single room in our Beach House
€925 (€1200 with kitesurf rental)

This package is for the more advanced riders who want to progress either in their  freestyle/wakestyle, old school board offs or wave riding skills. These sessions will be coached by one of our advanced coaches.

Advanced Double:
7 days advanced coaching sessions (gear not included)
Accommodation in a shared room in our Beach House (Twin Room or Double Room)

Advanced Single:
7 days advanced coaching sessions (gear not included)
Accommodation in a Single Room in our Beach House

For more information or to book a place please visit the Crosskite website.

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