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Kenya’s Top Kitesurfing Spots

Kenya's Top Kitesurfing Spots

Kenya’s Top Kitesurfing Spots

One of the things that makes Watamu, Kenya’s top kitesurfing destination is the diverse range of conditions provided by the different locations in and around the area. We have something to suit all types of kiters, from beginners to advanced riders, for wakestyle and foilers, surfers and freestyle riders. Sandbars with glassy flat water, knee to waist deep lagoons and pumping swell all serve to make Watamu Kenya’s leading kitesurfing destination due to its diversity. In addition to this fantastic range of locations the wind is notoriously stronger in the area compared to the rest of the coast as a result of the micro climate created by our inland creek.

Below is a list of our top spots not to be missed when you next visit Watamu.

1. Watamu Kite Beach (Plot 28)

Kite beach is the most popular spot and enjoys a good mix of flat water and waves on the reef. One of the great things about this spot is it that it has it all: flat water, waves and waist deep lagoons.  This part of the beach has the biggest expanse of clear waters with only a few patches of coral visible at the lowest tides that are easily avoidable. There is plenty of space for everyone and with 5km of beach you will never find it crowded. This location works on all tide states.

Wind: Cross on from the NE (Kaskazi – Dec – Mar)/Cross on from the SE (Kuzi – Jun – Sept)
Waves: Out on the reef (1km from beach)
Shorebreak: During Kaskazi no, during Kuzi yes at spring high tides
Co-ordinates: -3.358518, 40.002272

2. Turtle Bay Sandbar (Plot 5)

This is a seasonal spot, working best from December to March. Great sandbar exposed at low tide, which provides flat water perfect for freestyle riding. The spot also has the Watamu landmark Turtle Rock which works great as a backdrop for photography purposes. This spot works best three hours either side of low tide on both springs and neaps.

Wind: Cross on from the NE (Kaskazi – Dec – Mar)/Cross on from the SE (Kuzi – Jun – Sept)
Waves: Out on the reef (primarily only in Kuzi season)
Shorebreak: No
Co-ordinates: -3.358690, 40.003774

3. Plot 40 Sand Bar

Another ideal flat water riding location suitable for all levels of riders. However at some busier points throughout the year this spot can get very crowded with sunbathers and swimmers so take into consideration other beach users safety. The location works best three hours either side of low tide on both neaps and springs.

Wind: Cross on from the NE (Kaskazi – Dec – Mar)/Cross on from the SE (Kuzi – Jun – Sept)
Waves: Out on the reef and occasionally breaking on the back of the sandbar (best during Kuzi season)
Shorebreak: No
Co-ordinates: -3.385653, 39.980977

4. Jacaranda

A bold claim but this location is up there with the world’s best flat water riding spots. Clean wind, good water depth for throwing down your favourite tricks and space for hundreds of kite surfers. Good news is a busy day would be three people on the water. The location works best on a neap tide three hours either side of low tide, however best to avoid it on a low spring tide as the water can be shallow.

Wind: Cross on from the NE (Kaskazi – Dec – Mar)/Cross on from the SE (Kuzi – Jun – Sept)
Waves: Yes on the reef (2km out from the beach)
Shorebreak: No
Co-ordinates: -3.315711, 40.085763

5. Short beach

This is a small beach right at the mouth of Mida Creek. This location is an interesting one as it makes for a great spot in light winds. As a result of the narrow creek mouth, on an outgoing tide during the Kuzi season when the wind blows from the SE, it creates a wind against tide situation meaning you need little wind to get up riding. Although it is wind against tide, the water stays flat due to the depth which is knee to waist deep. These conditions do make the spot ideal for freestyle, however due to the quick outgoing tide its not suitable for unskilled kiters. When the tide coincides with sunset it is a really epic location for fantastic kiting photography.

Wind: Only works in SE (Kuzi season)
Waves: None
Shorebreak: No
Co-ordinates: -3.388467, 39.971290

6. Mida Creek Sandbar

A secret gem of a spot that is only accessible by boat, Tribe Watersports run down-wind excursions to this location at the bottom of Mida Creek. It only works as a low tide location but makes for a great adventure. A large sand bar that sits at the bottom of the creek is an ideal flat water spot surrounded by mangrove forest making it a really unique riding experience. Tribe normally runs their down-winders from the plot 40 sandbar and into the creek followed by a chase boat to collect you at the end of your session. Suitable for all levels of rider.

Wind: Only works in SE (Kuzi season)
Waves: No
Shorebreak: No
Co-ordinates: -3.338559, 39.968798

Kenya's Top Kitesurfing Spots

7. Silversands

This location works well in the Kuzi season, it is a 20 minute drive from Watamu so is a bit more of an excursion. However for those wave riders out there this location delivers long clean lines of waves. The wind is slightly cross off shore and makes for a world class wave riding spot. The location works best in a SE swell. If the swell is coming from the South the waves get blocked by a headland and don’t form. Good news is the prevailing swell direction is SE during the months of May through to September. This location works best three hours either side of high tide.

Wind: Slight cross offshore
Waves: Yes, great waves
Shorebreak: No
Co-ordinates: -3.237721, 40.132563

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