Wind Winging With Tribe Watersports

Always staying up to date with the latest trends Tribe Watersports now offers Wind Winging/Winging/Wingfoiling. This new sport is taking the world by storm, a cross between Kitesurfing and Windsurfing it offers a great way to get out on the water. Be it simply using a stand up paddle board or learning how to hydrofoil, we can guide you every step of the way.

Wind Wing Lessons

Learn to Wing

As always working to the latest safety standards, our beginner winging courses are designed to make learning easy for everyone. For those of you that are committed then our two day course is our jump right in option to take you from the basics to getting you up and cruising. If you’re just keen for a fun experience then try our 1 day option to see if winging is for you. We will let you in on a little secret; it definitely is!!!


The first day of the course works great as an introduction. You will cover beach based wing control and then move on to introducing a stand up paddle board. Once on the water we will teach you how to manage the board and your first sailing experience.


The second day goes on to more technical sailing aspects of winging, navigating the board around a course and looking at your first gybes and tacks. All of these skills will get you ready for independent rental. For the more adventurous of you the next step is starting to think about introducing a hydrofoil.


1 Day SUP Wing Beginner Course $120
2 Day SUP Wing Beginner Course $240


If you would like a private lesson then we charge $75 P/H

Learn to Wing foil

The hydrofoiling aspect of winging is where things start to get more exciting and a lot more technical. Depending on your watersports background we have a few options for you here. With little or no foiling experience we generally recommend a session behind our ski boat with the foil. This allows for full concentration on the foiling aspect of the sport without trying to manage the wing.

If you have foiled before then it’s straight out on the water with the wing.


1 Day Wing Foil Course: $140

2 Day Wing Foil Course: $280

Wing Foil Boat Session: $130 p/h

Private Wing Foil Lessons:  $85 p/h


What’s included:

  • The latest winging equipment
  • Helmet & life jacket
  • Rash guards to protect you from the sun
  • Water and sun cream
  • And lots of high fives!

Equipment Rental

Wind Wing Equipment Rental

At Tribe Watersports we stock the latest and greatest in terms of wing surfing equipment from top brands. If you want to remove the hassle of lugging your equipment across the world, or you just got into the sport and want to try out some options before you buy then kit rental is the option for you.


Rental Prices:

Full set up Wing SUP 1hr/1day $30/$60
Full Set up Wing Foil 1hr/1day $50/$100

Wing SUP only 1hr/1day $20/$40
Wing Foil Board Only 1hr/1day $30/$60
Wing Only 1hr/1day $30/$60

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