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2015 Slingshot Kites

2015 Slingshot Kites

2015 Slingshot Kites

We have just placed our order for the new 2015 kitesurfing kites for the school. We have again decided to go with the Slingshot Z kite as our go to teaching kite as well as a kite that is easy for beginners to rent. The Z Kite is a simple “Plug and Play” kite that will be easy for any kitesurfer to familiarise themselves with quickly. It also has fantastic relaunch as well as incredible wind range in all of its sizes.

Slingshot 2015

The worlds best entry level kite


In addition to the Z kite we have decided to add the Slingshot Fuel to our line up of rental kites, this kite is a “beast”. It is renowned for being the best C kite on the market and is the kite of choice of our friend and pro kitesurfer Sam Light. It has set the standard for C kite design for the last 13 years and is a complete freestyle machine.

Slingshot Kites 2015

The worlds leading C kite, a pure freestyle machine

These kites will sit alongside our existing quivers of Slingshot Rallys and Slingshot RPMS. At Tribe we have been lucky enough to have tested a range of brands and models of kites over the years. We have decided to offer you the Slingshot products as we truly believe they have a kite that caters for everyone needs, be it freestyle, wave riding or taking your first steps on the water. We pick the best because our clients deserve the best.

2015 Slingshot Kites

Student on lesson enjoying the easy to use Slingshot Kite

Today was the first day of NE winds in Watamu so it looks like things are changing already conditions wise. Get ready for good winds and white sandy beaches. We look forward to having you all out on the water this coming Kaskazi season.


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