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Watamu Kitesurfing Location


Watamu has long been renowned as Kenya’s best kitesurfing spot. This is due to the fact that the further north you go along the Kenyan coast line the windier the conditions are, particularly in the Kuzi season. This coupled with the fact that the bay does not dry out even on the lowest of tides like some other locations. This allows for fantastic flat water riding everyday. Add this to the fact that we are in a protected marine park and the added bonus of no sea urchins and you are onto a winner!


There are two windy seasons for Watamu Kitesurfing; December – April and June – September. They are both trade winds and are named the Kaskhazi and the Kuzi. Both these winds blow cross-onshore making it ideal for learning. The Kaskhazi blows from December to April. During this season we have warm winds coming from the N-NE that range from 18-25 knts. For an 80kg rider your chosen kite sizes would be a 9m and 12m which you would get equal use of. The Kuzi blows June to September and although this season is a little cooler there is still no need for a wetsuit. These cooler winds have a little more power to them with wind speeds ranging up to 30knts. As a result a smaller kite is recommended or you could rent one from us.


Watamu Beach is 7km of powder white sand and we are blessed with crystal blue warm water all year round. What really makes this location special is the reef that sits approximately ½km off the beach which protects the whole bay giving you a flat water riding experience. When the summer swells kick in, you get fantastic waves of 2-3m. To top it all off there are a number of large sandbars that are ideal to learn to kitesurf from as well as creating that butter smooth flat water that the Watamu Kitesurfing scene is famous for.


Kenya enjoys a tropical climate. It is hot and humid at the coast, but with the nice cool winds it makes it very comfortable. The average annual temperature for the coastal town of Watamu (altitude 17 metres) is 30c maximum and 22c minimum. There is plenty of sunshine all year round and summer clothes are worn throughout the year.

Feedback From The Tribe

"Such an amazing place to learn kiting with super professional gear and great instructors. SUP trips are also A MUST! Saw loads of Dolphins, Whales!!!! turtles! Tuna jumping. ABSOLUTELY EPIC all around!!!"

Jessie Mousley

"What a place, what a team, we improved more in our time in Kenya than in the past three or four years!!! A reareal hidden gem, go NOW before it becomes really popular, it's brilliant!"

Julie Bligh

"A beautiful place run by absolute legends!! If you like, white sand beaches, great kitesurfing, wildlife, food and stunning sunsets, this place is for you..."

Murray Smith
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