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tribe watersports watamu kenya

Tribe Watersports provide the best learning environment for all watersports. Read on to discover why.

East Africa’s only BKSA approved school

Being the only watersports school in East Africa that is BKSA approved we are the only centre that is required to pass an inspection on the quality of service that is provided. This includes inspection of the equipment, facilities and our operations management. This is not to ensure we meet a minimum standard but that we meet a high standard of quality in both our training and facilities.

What you should be looking for when you turn up

When you turn up for your course there are a number of things that you should receive as minimum safety requirements. These include a 50N buoyancy aid (not a impact jacket) and a helmet. These will need to be the correct fit for you. Your instructor should have a safety bag, safety knife and a whistle. Regarding kitesurfing you should also only fly an LEI Kite standing in the water.

Important material that should be covered

All our courses run through the tried and tested guidelines of BSUPA, RYA or BKSA . Please see the link (BKSA course strucutre). This will give you an idea as to what you should cover on a kitesurfing course. Although learning to partake in any watersport is great fun it is important that we all consider our own safety whilst we are doing them.

Rescue and storage facilities

Onsite at Medina Palms and at the main Kite beach in Watamu we have the worlds best watersports safety craft, a ZapCat. This is a high speed low draw rib that is very stable, making it highly suitable for the job. If you get yourself in trouble out on the water you can guarantee we will be there to help. In addition we have vast amounts of storage to eliminate that hassle of leaving wet gear in your house.

Rider hotline for courses and club members

At Tribe we strive to give all our customers continuous support as watersports enthusiasts. This can be anything from helping you choose the right equipment to buy to being on the beach assisting you with a problem with your gear. We have set up a rider hotline for all our club members and students where they can call, email or Skype for advice on anything watersports related whenever they need it.

Premium onsite accommodation

We are lucky enough to be located in one of Kenya’s most luxurious developments. We have accommodation for individuals, couples and large groups. All the accommodation gives you the option to self cater or enjoy the fine dining available at the onsite restaurant. One thing you can be sure of is that Medina Palms is second to none when it comes to luxury and service.
tribe watersports watamu kenya

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