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  We are seeing alot of posts on facebook looking for advice "where should I go on a kitesurfing holiday from December till March" Well with out jumping to the conclusion of this article to quickly, the answer is Watamu, Kenya. Read on to find out why Watamu should be your next kitesurfing holiday destination.   Consitent reliable wind The season in question (Dec-Mar) is refered to as the Kaskazi season. The wind is a Northerly trade wind that coverts into a nice North Easterly wind with the sea breeze effect. This meands that we get wind starting from around

Tribe Watersports COVID - 19 Management Policy All students will be required to clean hands with water / soap and sanitizer when entering the school Students will only be required to meet at the office for sizing of life jackets, harnesses and helmets past this point all lessons will commence directly at the beach. Drinking water and sunscreen will no longer be provided and we ask that students bring their own to lessons. This is to eliminate people sharing bottles. All lessons will run on a one to one basis with an instructor (at no additional cost), unless they are family

Jambo Kenya is the latest edit to come from the Takoon Family. It provides an awesome showcase of the fantastic kitesurfing conditions on offer in Watamu, Kenya. It also gives a good view of the worlds best safari trips, which depart from Watamu on a daily basis. We look forward to welcoming  Julien Zgraggen and Soraya Bonfim back to Watamu next year.

Check out the latest video This is Watamu from North Kite boarding international team riders Colleen Carroll and Craig Cunningham. Craig and Colleen came to stay with us at Tribe for 2 weeks in February, as always Watamu delivered and  we had fantastic riding conditions , unique African experiences and an incredible safari. Watch the video and see why you next kite holiday needs to be to Watamu.    

We are always asked advice on where to go, where to eat and other things to do in Watamu by our kiters. With so many places and so much to do we thought we'd give you the Tribe low down on all our favourite places along with some helpful contacts who can get you where you need to go. Check out the Tribe Guide to Watamu below. Where to eat The place: Amici Miei at Mwambi Lodge (Italian) What's not to be missed: Basically all the starters! (They are amazing). Other personal favourites include the mwambi calzone pizza, mushroom steak and

One of the things that makes Watamu, Kenya's top kitesurfing destination is the diverse range of conditions provided by the different locations in and around the area. We have something to suit all types of kiters, from beginners to advanced riders, for wakestyle and foilers, surfers and freestyle riders. Sandbars with glassy flat water, knee to waist deep lagoons and pumping swell all serve to make Watamu Kenya's leading kitesurfing destination due to its diversity. In addition to this fantastic range of locations the wind is notoriously stronger in the area compared to the rest of the

Women's Kitesurfing in Watamu Having kited for the past 17 years and from working around the world in numerous kite schools, one thing is quite evident about kitesurfing and that is it is a largely male dominated sport. From instructing kitesurfing to competing in events, numbers of females have been relatively low when compared to males. Although in recent years the tide seems to be turning (excuse the pun!) Here in Watamu and particularly over the last year we have seen a big shift in the number of women participating in the sport. We have a great

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