Kitesurf Rental
Kitesurf equipment rental in watamu kenya

At Tribe Watersports we offer a fantastic kitesurf equipment rental service in Watamu Kenya. We carry the best gear to ensure that if you are learning or renting you will always get the most out of your time with us. Leading brand Slingshot provide all our kitesurfing kit. Having assisted KiteWorld magazine  test editor Chris Bull with the demoing of most of the kit that is available we have had the rare opportunity to choose the best equipment for you. We also stock Slingshot equipment through our shop so if you are interested in getting your own gear then we are also able to help.

It is important that you have had some tuition before you rent equipment and we will only rent kit to those who can prove they have taken a two day course within the last three months or are proficient kite surfers. If we are unsure of your level then you may be asked to prove your riding ability.

Kitesurf equipment rental in watamu kenya

The kit we have available for rent is as follows:


14m Rally
12m Rally
9m Rally
12m RPM
8m RPM
4.5m RPM
11m Z Kite
9m Z Kite
6 m Z Kite

146 Misfit
142 Darkside
141 Asylum
141 Crisis
137 Crisis
134 Crisis
132 Misfit


We have a range of MYSTIC harnesses and buoyancy aids to complement this kit. These are also available in a range of sizes in order to cater for all. For further details on what is available please get in touch.

Kitesurf equipment rental in watamu kenya

If you are interested in renting kit please get in touch with us through our contact form. Our prices start from $35 an hour but week long packages can be put together upon request. We also offer a rental insurance scheme to avoid you having to replace any damaged equipment so you can really relax and enjoy your time out on the water.