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A breakdown on all the fishing seasons in Watamu can be found below:

July – August: The sea can be rough and the weather a bit wet but fishing up to only 8 miles from Medina Palms can be very good this time of year. Normally a run of black marlin come in chasing the many baitfish that are here. A few sailfish are around and a lot of good sized game fish can be caught on live baits. Humpback whales are normally spotted swimming and jumping.

Fishing Seasons in Watamu

September The sea normally calms down and better-sized tuna appear. Fishing is much the same as July – August.

Fishing Seasons in Watamu

October – November: Sailfish should start appearing in good numbers often seen balling bait further north off Malindi. The monsoon changes in November with prevailing winds coming from the north east generally keeping the sea calmer.


December: Still a lot of sailfish off Malindi and marlin start coming in 16 miles off shore on the rips.


January – March: This is our main part of the season – mainly targeting marlin and sailfish on the rips. Fishing predominately with the lures but will live bait when bait is available.

Sailfish 3

April: The wind dies down, still some marlin around but the monsoon has normally changes and the sea can get a bit rough again. There is normally a good run of dorado and wahoo.

Dorado 2