Dive Price List Diving prices and booking

Please see below for all information on diving prices and booking your experience.

Dives (Prices include tank & weights)Diving prices and booking
1 dive on Watamu reef: $45
1 night dive: $55
1 wreck dive: $46
1 day – double dive including all equipment: $120

Diving Packages (Prices include tank & weights)
3 dives: $130
6 dives: $245
10 dives: $390

Equipment Rental (per dive)Diving prices and booking
Mask: $3
Fins: $3
Regulator with octopus, depth & pressure gauge: $6
Buoyancy jacket with automatic inflator: $5
Wetsuit: $3
Long Suit: $5
Torch: $9

Diving Safari
This is an excursion to Kilifi over one day. (Minimum of 4 people)
Includes 2 dive tanks and weights
Cost per person: $180

Prices are subject to change and DO NOT include the cost of park fees at $15 per day.

To book please get in touch through our contact form.